Friday, October 12, 2012

Something Blue - Rustic Copper Ring

This time I'm doing something which is not quite my own style - a rusty copper adjustable ring in acid blue color. Yet I still make it simple to align with my whole set of collection :)

Rusty Copper Ring, Patina, Turquoise Blue, Acid Blue, Adjustable

Fall is here already. I put on the chocolate brown nail polish and surprised to find it looks so well with the acid blue ring! This may give you some accessories and clothing idea for the season.

I still have another style of rusty round stud in the same color for making ring and a pair of earrings. It will be launched soon!

Keyword: simple stud ring, turquoise blue ring, adjustable ring, handmade ring, modern, patina ring, contemporary, cool, minimalist, minimal, fall, winter

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