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Friday, November 30, 2012

Update in November

It's been some while since my last update.
How have everyone been? How's your thanksgiving?

Here in Hong Kong we don't have thanksgiving but I can still feel the joy and warmth through TV news :D

I would like to share some updates about me and my little store~

Firstly, my etsy store is finally in operation again. It took me sometime to do so. At first I was so desperate when my etsy shop was suspended and what I read from other seller's experience really terrified me. So i decided to established my own shop. After I set up my own store I tried to reach etsy again. After all, etsy is a great platform which brings in many searches and sales. From what I learnt from other flagged sellers, probably it's not working at all to fight for yourself. I decided to give up stepping up for myself and simply follow what they want me to do. Luckily, my shop was reopen soon afterwards. Yet I think getting my own store is a good idea since you just don't know when would the bad things happen again!

Secondly, I participated a bazaar at a local university. It's my first time to join a bazaar and it was really fun! Though it was a rainy day that affect patronage, I was still able to make some sales. It was so good to see the university students loving my jewelry!

My counter, such a lovely table cloth!! Thanks to my colleague!!
The pattern stud earrings and bunny necklace were the most wanted items :D

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